Safe Souls, No Holes

♥ Don't you just love this fucking shit? ♥
♥ Otaku, Whovian, stuck in Homestuck, professional fangirl, artist, Tumblr. ♥

P.S.: I am incapable of following on this blog. So know that I'm more than likely following you on my original.
Anonymous asked: Do you have quizup?


I do not. >_>

Anonymous asked: Do you read fanfiction?


^0^ Is that even a question? I love fanfictions! I write them too! XD Why do you ask?

Anonymous asked: I am just wondering. I have never felt that way before and to be honest, it's confusing me. ^^ Should I really love her, I'm just afraid what it could do to our friendship. But thank you very much <3


Not a problem. ^_^ Love is confusing shit, Anon. Confusing shit. But I hope you know that love shouldn’t effect a true friendship. And you never know, maybe she likes you too. You’ll never know if you never find out! I wish you luck, Anon! I wish you luck! ^_^ 

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